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NYSCWA Venus vs. Mars – Spring 2015

What would you do with an unlimited budget?

Dear Venus and Mars,

If your budget was unlimited, what is the one thing you’d do immediately to your washes to make them more profitable?

Venus Says

My first impulsive answer was “automation.” I dream of everything being computerized and […]

NYSCWA Venus vs. Mars – Spring 20152019-04-10T15:57:31+00:00

NYSCWA President’s Column – Spring 2015

Finding, hiring and keeping good employees

By the time you are reading this, we “should be” in the beginning stages of spring, as of right now though, cold winds and drifting snows and thankfully salty cars, blanket most of the Northeast.

On January 1 the minimum wage in New York State increased to $8.75 […]

NYSCWA President’s Column – Spring 20152016-01-04T21:49:56+00:00