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"A Chicken in Every Pot and a Car Wash on Every Corner"



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CarWash College Monthly Tip -




CarWash College Monthly Tip -

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CarWash College Monthly Tip -

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Monthly Reminders

September 2014


* NYS Sales Tax Report is due September 20th for the June - August period

* School Taxes are due


* Turn on heating devices - are room and floor heaters operational?


* Check rollers and conveyor chains


* Get ready for a busy season!

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Tip:  Have you started your saftey binder?.... check out the blog CarWash Safety 101 for more details

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2014 dates - September 15 - 17


Keynote Speaker

Robert H. "Bob" Benmosche, President & CEO of AIG

Elevating Your Business Beyond Adversity!



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NYSDOLNYS Wage Theft Prevention Act - wage statements must be sent by

February 1, 2014.


Please visit New York State Labor Department website for more details.




Urgent Sales Tax Action Required!!!


The New York State Car Wash Association (NYSCWA) has taken a stand in opposition to a recommendation made by the New York State Tax Reform and Fairness Commission Report to eliminate the current sales tax exemption for coin-operated carwashes.


Please click here to print our Memorandum and send it to your local senator or assemblyman immediately. You can find them by visiting (for Senators) and (for Assemblymen).


Our goal is to educate these legislators that this reinstatement is unfair and puts our small business community at risk for eliminating jobs and closing our doors.


The NYSCWA is also setting up meetings in Albany with key legislators. We need a strong contingent to do this so if you are interested in participating, please contact our office at 800/287-6604 or 518/280-4767 or email us  today.


Please help us get the word out immediately BEFORE the Governor’s budget is set in January!


Walt Hartl, NYSCWA President

Water Saver Program




The NYSCWA is a new partner with the ICA's WaterSavers™ program! All NYSCWA members are eligible and you DO NOT need  to be a member of the ICA to participate. This program is designed to help carwash owners and operators promote their environmentally-friendly business practices and educate consumers about the environmental benefits of professional carwashing. To sign up visit Consumers can learn more about this program at




NYSERDA - Energy Savings Incentives click here to learn more >>

NYSCWA Political Action Committee

The New York State Car Wash Association Political Action Commitee (PAC) is designed to help our lobbyist attend key fundraisers at the state capitol. This helps spread the word about the merits of professional carwashing and the issues that operators across the state face on a daily basis. The PAC is funded by donations that are used solely for this purpose. All money in the PAC is reported to the state in a semi-annual report.


Donations can be made in any amount up to $5,000 annually. To make a donation simply complete the form at the top of this page and mail it to the address listed along with your check. We appreciate all of your support !


To Contribute Now!  

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CarWash Safety 101 with Mike Benmosche


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